Looking for a better way to produce cost plans quickly and accurately?

This webinar recording will give you an overview of how you can use Bidcon to produce the most accurate cost plans quickly and easily and take control of your costs. Topics covered include:

  • Creating cost plans directly from custom or industry price lists
  • Extracting information instantly from a 3D model
  • Applying pre-built up recipes to quants to give the most accurate estimate
  • Exporting cost details to Powerproject for a pre-populated project plan with costs and resources
  • Linking costs and time elements to objects in 3D models and work in an all-in-one BIM tool

Bidcon is a costing and estimating tool from Elecosoft that’s specifically designed for construction projects to help to standardise diverse information and increase efficiency, for more info see here: www.elecosoft.com/bidcon.

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