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Working more effectively in a P6 distributed environment

Many contractors have staff working on large civils and infrastructure projects using software outside of their controlled Oracle Primavera P6 master programme, such as MS Excel and MS Project. Often this is because they find P6 too complex or costly for those outside the core planning team to use, such as when developing short-term programmes that expand on the level of detail held in the master programme. Whatever the reason, getting data exported, updated and imported back into P6 leads to errors and inaccuracies; breaking the link between the master programme and the individual project. These products are also not tailored to the environment in which they are used, as well as often costing more than is first thought.

This webinar will show you how you can check out sections of a project from P6 and update the schedule with a user-friendly interface within a cost-effective solution. Our experienced presenter will show you how many organisations are increasingly working with Powerproject as a better user experience and how you can:

  • Check out data from Primavera P6 into Powerproject
  • Update progress easily – including via mobile devices on site
  • Print reports for easy communication
  • Reduce costs with shared licensing

In addition, Powerproject includes tools for Risk Analysis and Schedule Quality Checking, providing another reason to explore the benefits it can bring to your work.

Tuesday 3 November, 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM


Design stairs better with Staircon’s evolving technology

Staircon has been a leading stairs software in the UK for at least 15 years, with constant development being made to keep up with evolving staircase design and production technology.

With our new section stairs feature you can:

  • Modify parameters, number of steps, going, width, corner measurements etc.
  • Change stair dimension to fit opening, select variable to change
  • Easily go back and edit section parameters after placing a stair
  • Upload parameters for section or winder box to database

This webinar will also preview a new Staircon 3D view coming soon, which is powered by a solid modeler.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session and we welcome any comments.

Thursday 12 November, 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM


Introduction to ShireSystem 4.0 CMMS/CAFM system

Reduce repair and replacement costs with effective maintenance planning.

Would your business be more efficient if you could avoid costly, unexpected, repairs?

Join our webinar for an introduction to ShireSystem 4.0 and see how quick, easy and inexpensive it can be to increase the longevity of your company assets. Exciting new functionality includes a Wallboard module for a powerful way to share relevant, actionable data.

Our experienced presenter will show you how to gain control of your assets and maintain visibility across your business so you can budget for replacing equipment and parts before problems occur. The result is better cost control and more efficient operations.

This webinar will demonstrate the power and versatility of ShireSystem CMMS/CAFM software. We will be exploring the Maintenance Manager system capabilities and how ShireSystem can provide business continuity whilst remaining compliant by providing details of costs and an audit trail.

Tuesday 12 November, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM


Avoiding common problems in construction planning

Common problems in construction planning include: poor communication, inefficient or limited resource and risk planning, and having no process for change control. However, these issues can be managed with the right project scheduling software.

Join our webinar find out more. Our experienced presenter understands the challenges of construction planning and will show how, with Powerproject, you can easily create an impressive project plan and use it to keep on track – even when things change. The webinar will cover:

  • Creating a project plan using drag and drop functionality
  • Resource and staff planning
  • How subcontractors are using software to communicate better with contractors
  • ‘What-if’ scenarios for unplanned delays
  • Indicators that a project is going off track
  • Quick, real-time reports
  • Plan updating from mobile devices
Thursday 12 November, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM


Planning techniques for projects with a schedule and a distance

The challenges of project planning on many infrastructure and maintenance projects (e.g. roads, railways, pipelines, etc.) depends not only on what things happen but also where they happen. The location is often a key driver in how the project needs to be organised and you need to understand and use the Time-Chainage technique.

Join our 45-minute webinar to find out more. Our experienced presenter understands the challenges of construction planning and will show how, with Tilos, you can use the distance component to fully define the scope of work and plan in a new way. The webinar will cover:

  • The concepts and basics of Time-Chainage and Tilos
  • Creating a project plan using drag and drop functionality
  • Linking tasks with distance as a driver
  • Export and import to Excel, P6, Powerproject, Microsoft Project
  • Baseline and progress
  • Mass-haul
Thursday 10 December, 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM


How to develop a Time Impact Analysis for construction schedules

As projects get underway, the construction schedule needs to be progressed and updated to develop an as-built schedule. This as-built schedule will be used to notify the owner of the current status of the project and alert the subcontractors of upcoming work items. The contractor will also utilize the as-built schedule – for comparing to the baseline schedule to analyze variances from the initial schedule, as well as from month to month.

In addition, the baseline and the as-built schedules can be utilized to perform Time Impact Analysis (TIA) to document and justify time extensions. Powerproject allows the users to identify and document new tasks, identify the impacts on the completion date, develop the fragnet, compare to the baseline, and print as documentation for time extension requests.

This webinar will focus on the ease with which Powerproject enables the users to develop a TIA.

  • Develop the baseline process
  • Discuss which schedule to use
  • Adding new tasks or splitting existing tasks for the impacts and changes
  • Coding to document new task and fragnet
  • Analyze the effect on the project completion date
  • Printing to show the fragnet to request the time extension
Wednesday 18 November, 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM